Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

I am a birthday celebrations fan. It mostly relates to birthday of my daughter (she is 3). I always begin all the preparations before two months. How nice it is to buy different decorations and hang them with your child all around the house before a party! I also like to prepare various dishes for small guests and their parents. It is one of the major parts of birthday parties. And when everything is ready and guests are on the threshold, it is always so pleasant to look around and see how beautiful everything is! Your child will be always happy if you celebrate his/her birthday and make everything like a fairy-tale this day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wedding Gift

My husband and I are going to the wedding of my cousin next month. It is going to be a great celebration. I have beaten my head on gift, looked through the Internet and found the amazing site www.my-wedding-tips.info where everything I was in need of is presented.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bathing in the Sun

I am so tired from daily routine and waiting for my vacation impatiently. I’d like to lie on the beach and get a tan and vitamin D. Unfortunately, sun rays become more and more radioactive. Skin cancer is on the rise. But we are in need of sun to be more beautiful and healthy. Therefore the protection of our skin has to be on the first place. I have already chosen special creams and sprays-protectors to take care of my skin. Drugstores are the best places to do that.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Getting Rewards

There is a great variety of rewards programs. Credit card companies compete with each other because all of them would like to offer the best rewards programs to their clients. Airline credit cards, cash rebate credit cards, gasoline credit cards and hotel rewards cards. Which is the best for you? Define what do you need credit card for and examine how you spend your money.
Before you start, get the basic knowledge of how these programs work, because most people spend their reward bonus points and do not fully understand why they are there.
Credit card companies have cooperated with retailers and financial institutes in order to offer more benefits to clients therefore rewards programs exist. The biggest banks companions are hotels, airlines, gas stations and retailers such as Starbucks and Wal-Mart. Rewards credit cards can offer their card holders cash back rebates and frequent flier miles in addition to other features.
Many credit cards with rewards are quite similar in attributes. For example, the best credit card includes options between earning cash back and cashing in with merchandise rewards.
The difference between the best credit card rebates is that some cards give cash back while others give rewards. Of course, there is a negative side. Rewards cards often come attached with high interest rates. It means that the more you owe, the more you spend in charges.
So, before making your choice, weigh pros and cons of rewards credit cards. And only then make the right choice.