Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Building Credit Attempts

The friend of mine has difficulties in building good credit history. She wants to build a solid one but it is not so easy for her as I understand. She is absent-minded. I know her for 15 years and as I remember she was always forgetful. I thought that when it comes to money, people can change but looking at her and her attempts to build a history I was mistaken thinking so (LOL). She just forgets her due date to make payments and so sometimes is late. How could it be? It is beyond me. It is a little bit funny talking about such unusual cases. Now we all try to remind her about her credit payments every months, just in case, and hope that she will be a success.
building credit with student cards

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thinking about Winter Holidays

Yesterday my friend asked me about my plans for the New Year holidays. I had no answer. I was surprised to know that many friends of mine have already been preparing for winter holidays; I mean trips. Isn’t it early? Probably, there will be no good seasonal offers for travelling soon, or they just have free money to buy tickets now, or, the last variant, they just want to be sure now that their holidays will be fun preparing beforehand. I understand all these items, but I didn’t think about my holidays because I had no time to think.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Ice Cream Is Good for Our Body and Health

We all love ice cream. Banana, vanilla, fruit, chocolate…Delicious!!! What is your favorite one? Whether you like mango ice cream or just full-cream ice, you should know that ice cream is not just a sweet stuff. It is useful for our health as it is calcium-rich. This mineral reduces the risk of cancer and development of kidney stones. It is also good for our blood as it controls blood pressure. It was a surprise for me that ice cream even helps to lose weight due to calcium. So eat ice cream from time to time to be healthier!