Thursday, March 27, 2008

Double Benefits from AmEx

It is a well known fact that the opportunity to get any rewards and discounts with low efforts always attracts customers. If you are a member of Priority Club and American Express credit cardholder - double rewards guaranteed! You will get the best rewards, lowest costs and the Priority Club Membership privileges. Who doesn’t dream of having so many benefits?
With the help of Priority Club, your American Express plastic will bring you all the best that point rewards, airline card and hotel rewards plastic can offer their holders.

Waking up in Spring

Spring is one of my favorite seasons not only because of the sun shining and birds singing. I enjoy my feelings and emotions. I am like a flower that becomes brighter and more beautiful after the cold weather. Everyday I get up in a good mood (great!!!) and full of energy. My working day is still a working day but people around me are not so sleepy and dissatisfied now. It is so pleasant to see that we wake up after the hibernate.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Thing that I Have Never Come across

The article The Brave New World of Gender Nonconformity: Pregnant Men opened a number of details about people who are confused about their gender. There are people (and they are around us, be sure!) who were born one sex, and later realized they were the other sex! One of the stories (links given after the article) is about a boy who began his studies in a school for girls. He (or she, I'm not sure) confessed that all his life he has been hating his being a girl and knew he was a boy by nature.
Now he has a girlfriend and is happy with their relationship.
There are quite a number of such people, and they are suffering from misunderstanding, from lack of money (to be operated), from many factors in the society which don't let them be the ones they want to be.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Credit Cards Help Business Ladies

How many business woman do you know? The best friend of mine has her own small company. She is a business woman (sounds great!). It's great but not so easy. Recently I have found credit cards for business women. It was a surprise for me as I always thought that business cards are only for men having no idea about such a wide choice of cards on the market. And I believe these cards can really help to run a business as they offer high credit limits, separate accounts for expenses and certainly rewards for any business purchases.

Time to Relax

Some weeks ago I decided to have a small break and to relax
I didn't go for work, I was alone at home and that was unusual and rather cool. I couldn't remember the time when I can just sit reading a mag, or sleep, or go for a walk without any reasons. Now I am so fresh and energetic after this break. Don't forget to relax and have FREE time without any reasons. It really works.