Friday, December 21, 2007

Be a Savvy Student this Holiday!

Christmas preparations (luckily they are over for me) always require credit card expenses and are a headache for many consumers but mostly for students. It's better to have student credit cards with rewards in your purse and get benefits from it especially this holiday. You can accumulate points buying presents to your friends and relatives and redeem them for gift certificates. Or, if you shop online, you may get super discounts on purchases. Cool? Surely. Moreover, spending with the card, any student can build credit history, certainly if manage it wisely. Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fox is My Character

The holiday party at our office is going to be very funny I believe. It will be a masked ball. I am planning to be a fox because I have a costume. Once I have been a fox at nursery of my child and have to say it was really my character. Now I am thinking and imagining what kind of costume will choose our chief. He likes to joke.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shopping Alone

Ooh… I have bought all the necessary gifts and spent only the money put by and some from my plastic. I am a well-done but so tired of shopping and crowded places. This year, as well as the last one, I was making purchases without my husband. He hates malls and shops and always whips me on. I become nervous and the only thing I dream at this particular moment to go out of the mall. I believe such moments are good reasons to buy everything pretty in order to finish shopping as soon as possible, and to accumulate debts.
Now I prefer to weigh all pros and cons before buying this or that. Perhaps, that’s the reason why I spent not all of my money on cards as I did two years ago.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas Shopping

Today is the third day of winter and the right time to think about Christmas gifts for your relatives and friends. Christmas is my favorite holiday when all members of our family get together to congratulate each other and share the last news. I always make a wish and have to say for the last 5 years all my wishes have come true. Last month I decided to put by some money on presents in order not to shock my budget at once. I also applied for a new credit card to be confident that my total amount of money will be enough for shopping and I will be able to delight all of my family members. Begin to prepare gifts beforehand in order to avoid rush on the eve.