Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drugs and Lottery Ticket

Recently I’ve heard a little bit funny story. One man sold methadone pills illegally and bought a lottery ticket on money earned. He won $1,000! But police decided to confiscate the ticket because a person bought it on money from drug sale.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Sex and Gays

Sex and gays were always among scandalous topics. I was surprised to know that a majority of Britons think that sex before marriage is OK (according to the 24th annual report by the National Centre). Moreover, they feel comfort concerning gay relationships. That’s great!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

American Financial Crisis - Expectations

Have you already heard about the recession that is coming? The signs for it are evident as experts say: growth of consumer debt, mortgage crises, stock market fall and so forth. The US is likely to face a crisis on the market of credit deals. Credit card fees may be increased. It will be one of the reasonable ways for credit companies to gain a profit because they offer too many credit cards with no annual fee and rather low penalty fees. Find more in the article Financial Crisis and Credit Cards

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Divorce and Its Consequences

Divorce…There are many reasons for it: misunderstandings, hard drinking, unfaithfulness and so forth. Whichever reason could be, if there is a child in the family, he or she will suffer the most. I’ve heard many stories about children after divorce until I saw it actually. When the friend of mine decided to divorce because of misunderstandings she thought about her child and tried to get on with her husband. However, after two years of attempts they had divorced. Fortunately, now they are friends and don’t suffer from suspended relations but their child does. She doesn’t fully understand the deed of her parents and asks many reasonable questions trying to clear up the situation. Poor kids...Why do they always suffer from our mistakes?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Guaranteed Approval for Those with Bad Credit

Many people, possessing bad or no payment history, suppose that they will be rejected applying for a plastic. Some banks really don’t work with those with poor credit. The others let them a helping hand and offer secured cards with guaranteed approval.
Lawrence, a friend of mine, was in the same situation suffering from his damaged credit. But he opened a savings account at the bank and put $300 as a security deposit. And that’s all. Secured credit card was in his hands.
It is similar to unsecured card, but requires making a deposit. And denials are ruled out.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Diets after Holidays

How many of you have been starting a diet after this holiday season? The Flavor Point Diet, the Longevity Diet, the Cheaters Diet ... The variety of diets is amazing nowadays. But do you really think that they really work. Most probably, they have an effect but only a short-term one, I believe. Once I had tried a cabbage diet and was surprised by the result. I had lost 3 kg for two weeks. As soon as I finished the diet, 3 kg was mine again. Only regular sport and, such called, eutrophy are effective for your body and health.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Happiest Holiday Season

Holiday season is over. Summarizing this time I can say that two of my wishes made on Christmas have already come true. I am so happy! I met all the nearest of mine and got too many unexpected gifts. I spent all my free time with my husband and child. We were skating, skiing, playing bowling…and so on and so forth. It was the happiest holiday season in my life!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Small Tips for Those Who Are Going Somewhere Abroad

Going somewhere abroad, not only this holiday season, we all take credit cards to enjoy their convenience and reliability. These small tips will help you to spend your vacation in a good mood.
1. Make sure whether your card is acceptable at that particular place or not. If yes…
2. Check the expiration date of your credit card and its limit.
3. Inform your bank that you are going to travel. If you use your plastic, say, in Spain, the bank may suppose that your card is used by another person and take necessary measures to protect your account.
4. Keep the number of your credit account in a reliable place, e.g. safe, while you are away.
5. Going shopping, hide your plastics thoroughly to avoid theft that happens not only in the US.