Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How Many Wives to Have?

Recently I read article about polygamy (not only in eastern countries) and thought that the cons outweigh pros anywhere. I have one husband and need to take all his love and care, only I and nobody else. The thought of sharing all that I have with somebody else makes me sad. I understand that East has polygamy because of the ancient customs but what about other non-eastern countries? What are the premises? Love and passion or interest? Now I am talking not about men but about women. Mostly they are ready to share care and love and be strong, resigned, and physiologically steady.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News for Pet Lovers

I was surprised to know that there are special credit card offers for pets nowadays. Perhaps, I haven’t heard about that before because I still don’t have any pets at home. I am not ready to start taking care of any pet. And my child is too small to do it by herself. But this news allured me (I have already shared it with my friend – pet lover). Such cards offer pets to get rewards and their family to save some money. As the owner of a pet and the card you can earn 2 points for every dollar you spend at veterinarian clinics, pet food retailers and feed stores. I believe that is really great opportunity to save at least some money.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moscow - England - Surprise!

“The artificial pitch in Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium had provided plenty of debate before the match, but England settled well and took a deserved lead” – from CNN news. I believe everyone thought that England will be a winner in the football match. Russian football players had been considered to be not good enough because English team had showed the better results before. Most stakes had been made on English players, of course. But as it had turned out – down the drain. I can hardly imagine the joy of Russians. They have waited for a long time.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Shoes and Happiness - Why Is It So?

Why can shoes make a woman happier and can effervesce spirits? It’s quite simple. Shoes are beautiful, convenient and… emphasize the slender crura. I also like men that wear good quality and stylish shoes. But as a negative side of all these mentioned above – price. The better shoes are, the higher price is. Talking about shoes and their price I remember “Sex in the City” and their possibilities to buy or at least to try on. When you wish to buy some pair of shoes that can effervesce your spirit (you think so) and look at the price looking for more money in your wallet, you suddenly realize that your mood is becoming worse and worse and… I don’t like to try on and not to buy. It makes me feel sore in heart.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aspire to Good Credit - Get Benefits!

Recently I realized how beneficial a credit history can be! Only the good one, of course. When I began to build my credit (it was many years ago), I didn’t fully understand the whole importance of it and was not so conscious at that age. Now looking for a new credit card I don’t have restrictions in choice. And that’s the first benefit. Moreover, if you have good credit score, you will have rather high credit limit, low rates and no annual fees, and may transfer a balance. Alluring? Sure! I have told previously about rewards. They are also a privilege of good credit. You can earn bonus miles, free tickets, hotel stays, cash rebates, etc. All benefits of good credit allow me to save some money (not huge one but still) and make me more confident in my financial future. I can only advise to take care of the credit history and try to pay timely and regularly. That’s the key!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Food...and Only It

We are so dependable on food. All our life and our mood as well depend on it. If we don’t eat, we suffer from hunger and have stomachache, and our head are not able to think. When we eat the food that is not suitable for us (but we like it, what to do), we still have problems with our health and are not able to think about anything else. Also we like to count calories (I do), but when we count them and realize that they are huge, we go to pieces. Food is not only a pleasure. It’s a sad fact! Specialists advise to eat wisely and only the food that is good for our health. They are right, no doubt. But in real life it is almost impossible. We can follow their tips but for a short while. Who doesn’t like to eat almost everything that he or she wishes? Well, that’s the reality!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Classmates - Friends 2

Previously I wrote about the cool idea of class reunions. Back to that topic. I received an e-mail from my old classmate friend Sharon. I saw her 10 years ago and no letters and pictures after that. Nothing! So pleasant to learn that everything is good and more than good. Thanks to graduates’ site, we can find each other at any place.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Start for Credit History

I am so glad to see how many students are ready to start their credit history. You may ask why? Because they take care not only of their present but also of the future. Frankly speaking the only sad fact of students credit cards use that worries me is debts. They are still on the rise. Perhaps, students do not actually understand that credit cards are not a free way to purchase. But still as a good result of credit card use, a student can boost his/her credit score and become, as I hope, more responsible in expenditures.