Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Aspire to Good Credit - Get Benefits!

Recently I realized how beneficial a credit history can be! Only the good one, of course. When I began to build my credit (it was many years ago), I didn’t fully understand the whole importance of it and was not so conscious at that age. Now looking for a new credit card I don’t have restrictions in choice. And that’s the first benefit. Moreover, if you have good credit score, you will have rather high credit limit, low rates and no annual fees, and may transfer a balance. Alluring? Sure! I have told previously about rewards. They are also a privilege of good credit. You can earn bonus miles, free tickets, hotel stays, cash rebates, etc. All benefits of good credit allow me to save some money (not huge one but still) and make me more confident in my financial future. I can only advise to take care of the credit history and try to pay timely and regularly. That’s the key!

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Leo said...

what I like the most about my good credit is my cash rebate credit card. It really allows me to save as I spend a lot of money on purchases every day