Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Psychological Well-Being

I began to be interested in psychological well-being. In my opinion yoga is one of the most suitable tool to relax either emotionally or physically. I have bought many books to learn more about yoga benefits and found out that it is also good for immune system. Excellent! Such kind of mix of good health,immunity and body.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stop the Clock on Muscle Aging

All of you know for sure that any kind of training and exercises can make you stronger and healthier. It relates both to older and younger adults.
As I have read in one CNN news, the strength training seems like stopping a clock on muscle aging, because it affects muscles of older adults on the level of gene expression.
Researchers had made the interesting study involved 25 men and women older than 65, and adults ages 20 to 35. These two groups had similar diet and habits.
Analyzers had tested small samples of muscle tissue of healthy young and old adults and found that they are significantly different in their gene expression. Older muscle tissue had diminished functioning in mitochondria.
The gene expression profile in older adult muscles showed a more youthful appearance after 6 months strength training. It is amazing.
I believe many older people will begin strength training after this research to be stronger and healthier. Facts that were proved can always be more helpful than only thoughts.
Researchers need more studies to see effects of walking, swimming, etc. But I believe the results will be good in any way. Because any activity has positives. And if you are not active yet, summer time is the right time to start. The stimulus- healthy and beautiful body without any expenses. Beach and parks are at your disposal.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Vacation is Pleasure

If I didn’t work and had too much money, I would travel anywhere and everywhere. What about you? Are you fond of traveling? Summer is coming…
I believe, you are. People always like traveling and pursue different aims while they are on vacation: shopping, sightseeing, taking care of health and simply lying on the beach.
I prefer to combine all these pleasures, but unfortunately I am not able to do it every holiday because of vacation limit, hotel offers and country’s estate.
You can choose a country or hotel with the help of travel agency. Apply to the reliable one! Find country-by-country travel advice, health insurance, travelers' checklists and information on travel. If you are going with children, learn about conditions for them beforehand. All your family should feel comfort. Choose the climate in which you are like a duck to water. Temperature of air and water is also of great importance. Coolness, heat or cold?
The most suitable climate and temperature for me are in Europe (21-31 C). I am going to Amsterdam in July for the second time. Service is brilliant there. There are many amazing places to see, good friends to meet and nice stores to attend. I can’t wait to see!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Save your Money with Airlines Credit Cards

Do you travel a lot and use frequent flier credit cards to earn bonus miles? No? They can be really good.
If you do not know what frequent flier credit card program to choose, ask yourself: will you get benefits from the leading airline companies in your region and which one will earn the ticket with the fewest strings tacked on.
You have two variants to select from: bank-sponsored credit cards and airline-sponsored credit cards.
Bank-sponsored credit cards allow you to earn miles on many airlines and get a discounted or free airline ticket. If there is no an outstanding airline in your region, this credit card can be the best for you. Sometimes such credit cards require lower minimum mileage for travel than airline-sponsored cards. Airline-sponsored credit cards allow you to focus only on one airline. If there is a hub of the airline in your city, it may assume the routes to implicit destinations.
If you are a frequent flier and use airlines credit cards, you can earn 2,500 bonus miles for adding an additional card member, get over 15,000 bonus miles with your first purchase or 1 Flight Point for every mile on any airline — or anyone else whose ticket you buy with the card and so on.
For me, it does not matter whether it’s an airline or bank offer when I sort through credit cards that earn air miles. Good credit card deal is good in any way.

P.S. Now it’s the beginning of vacations. Many credit companies offer special summer programs and discounts. I know that British Airways has discounted one-way tickets for those who fly first class. Harry up to save some money!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marriages among College Students are on the Rise

Statistics shows that family divorce is on the rise. It is sad. The more interesting figures relate to college students: over 14 % of students get married while in college.

”We live in the world where half the marriages end in divorce, people aren’t just marrying for the moment anymore,” said Steve Mintz, co-chair of the Council on Contemporary Families and University of Houston sociology professor. “They’re trying to determine how it will sustain. Whether you’re likely to grow together has grown more important.”

Many years ago studies showed that ambitious adults were less likely to get married at all because of being sidetracked by their aims outside of family life.

Present studies show other results: men and women without college education are marrying at a lower rate than those college-educated women and men.

For the past 20 years this vogue has been achieving momentum and perhaps, can be ascribed to a change in the qualities potential mates. This thing relates mostly to men who did not take care about the education degree of their spouses many years ago.

I believe today, many college-educated marry each other because they have more in common. And this is right. My college time differs from present one. We did not merry so often (there were only few examples). Times have matched on and we met together. Those who were still alone have found their spouses among mates. So nice to see!

But some college students prefer to choose spouses through the help of matchmaking agencies. These students are eager to find partners with high salaries.

Today western lifestyle influences more and more students therefore they want to have wealthy partners in order to enjoy good quality of life. True love is of less importance.

A polling made among students of 12 universities and colleges shows that over 30% of respondents think dating while educating at college may influence their studies, but 53% of them will go dating with an appropriate better half.

How, where and when to choose a spouse is your own choice. Just do it with love! True love is always of great importance.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Use the Opportunity to Get your Credit Report for FREE

It’s really good opportunity!
You can apply for your credit report at each of the three major agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax at the same time or get 3-Bureau Credit Report, that combines all three of your national credit scores into one easy-to-read credit report and includes a free plus credit score.

A free credit report contains a complete data of your credit history up to the present. It holds your credit score which shows what kind of credit risk you are. A good credit score saves you money because you receive lower interest rates and can select among better credit cards. Is it important to check a report? Surely, it is.

When you make an application for a free credit report you will start your free trial membership. It includes daily monitoring of your credit report and email alerts of changes for 7 days to notify you of information that may indicate deceitful activity. After your trial, your full membership will also include unlimited credit reports, giving you the necessary information to understand where your credit stands.

If you are impatient to look at your credit report to find out last recordings made there, your free credit report is all that you need! Apply online! It is very easy, quick and safe. There is one website that has been set up by the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies. Visit this site and order your free annual report. When you confirm your identity, you will receive your free report and score in seconds through online channels. Look through it very attentively, check for errors and verify your personal information is correct. Now you have a great opportunity to check it for free annually. Checking a report is also considered a good way to prevent you against identity theft and fraud.

Even if you decide not to get your free credit report and credit score with free trial, it’s still a good idea to order your current credit report to check it and be confident that everything is OK. I do it regularly and advise you the same.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Students - Friends

Class reunions are really excellent tradition. I believe, it is one of the most popular traditions all over the world. We meet each year. So nice to see your students - friends and your favorite teachers! Time matches on. We all have been changing, becoming success, growing up children, enjoy interesting job. We have been simply becoming older since our student days. I have four friends. We are still friends and meet at least once a week. But how could we observe all the changes and news of other classmates' life? Thanks to the tradition! If you do not follow it, only try and be sure, you will enjoy it like me and many other graduates.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Want a Credit With Bad Credit

There is a well-known fact, that credit cards are of great value in our daily life. When you apply for any credit card your only wish is to be approved. Unfortunately, it can be difficult without a positive credit history. If you do not have such one, you need to build good credit!

The type of card to apply for always depends on your situation. If your credit is good or excellent, you may apply for good or excellent credit cards and enjoy their rates and fees. If you have bad or no credit history, you can choose among secured credit cards or unsecured cards for bad or no credit, or use a co-signer. All the ways are good. You can select the suitable one for you.

If you apply for a secured card, it means that you secure the card by depositing cash up front in a savings account. The amount of money on deposit account matches your credit line. You have to make your payment on time. Otherwise, you can lose a lien on the deposit account that is maintained by your card issuer. The negative side of secured card is a higher interest rate.

Or, you can use a co-signer (your relative or friend) with good or excellent credit, who promises and is responsible to pay the full amount of the debt, if you do not pay. If you make purchases with your credit card and pay in full and timely, you will build your credit history and cancel the credit card with the co-signer. Then you will be able to apply for the cards complying with your needs. If the debt is not paid, this fact will stay on the credit history of the co-signer and the card holder as negative. I agree it is the risk. But it is still a good tool to help a friend or relative build their credit history.

There are also unsecured credit cards that are more common than secured cards. If you use any unsecured cards and do not pay your bill, the credit company will not take any assets of yours. You can apply for no credit cards, bad credit cards or fair credit cards corresponding to your credit score. The bank will report about your payments to three major bureaus every month. Only apply for the right card to the right bank and you will be approved.

You should compare all of credit card offers and choose the most suitable card for you relating to your personal situation. If you set the aim to build strong credit history, be sure, you will achieve it.

Friday, May 4, 2007

New Formfactor:Unique Credit Card with Display and Button

A unique credit card with a very small display and button issuing one-time passwords has been developed by two security companies. And today they are trying to sell this idea to credit card issuers. The price per card depends on volume purchased and ranges from $10 to $30, which is higher than usual card.

Retailers are recklessly making efforts to improve POS security; therefore the concept of the card is actual and timely. The firms have invented special authentication code that couldn't be stolen from some database of retailers. It is only in theory, but sounds attractively!

"I think, this formfactor is more convenient and can be used in multiple channels -- point-of-sale, ATM, voice and web. Most of the data stolen from breaches would be rendered useless unless the thief stole the actual card. Work has to be done to upgrade the payment/ATM/VRU and Web systems to accept this form factor and one-time-passwords but those costs are less than the costs of security upgrades today," said Gartner security analyst Avivah Litan.

Verisign and Innovative Card Technologies announced that they are going "to integrate the security of a one-time password token into a card the size of a standard credit card. At the push of a button on the back of the card, an integrated display shows a password that changes with every transaction. During an online transaction, this number is entered into a user interface with other information (PIN and login name) for multifactor authentication". The most alluring part of their statement is formfactor of their credit card, but two firms are also selling their device in other size, principally pocket-sized security devices, which is, perhaps, really convenient.

“Many banks are very cautious when they start changing”, said Verisign VP Fran Rosch. So, whether the credit companies will agree to offer such formfactors or not, nobody knows for sure yet.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Educate kids about money use!

It is no doubt, money plays a great role in our life. We try to use them wisely and teach our children doing the same. Many parents think that their kid will take such lessons at school or college. Partly they are right. There are many educational online games, that are developed specially to teach children about credit card and money use and offered at colleges and schools.
But what about you, parent? You have to play the main role in education about money use. Begin in the earlier childhood! If you notice that your child plays with money, it is the right time to start. They do it unconsciously when they are three years old or even earlier. In this age they are not able to understand all the importance of money, but you should try. Go shopping or cafe together to show and explain, what money is really used for. Not for the play! It is their first lesson.
When they grow up and can count, you may give them some cash to buy candies, milk, bread, etc. It is a good lesson of money spending. Explain them the value of money, how to save it and spend wisely, and keep records of money spent or saved. Then you can compare these figures with your kids. It is very interesting to see results.
You can invent your own method of education or use a well-known one. But be sure, your efforts will be not lost upon your children.