Thursday, May 3, 2007

Educate kids about money use!

It is no doubt, money plays a great role in our life. We try to use them wisely and teach our children doing the same. Many parents think that their kid will take such lessons at school or college. Partly they are right. There are many educational online games, that are developed specially to teach children about credit card and money use and offered at colleges and schools.
But what about you, parent? You have to play the main role in education about money use. Begin in the earlier childhood! If you notice that your child plays with money, it is the right time to start. They do it unconsciously when they are three years old or even earlier. In this age they are not able to understand all the importance of money, but you should try. Go shopping or cafe together to show and explain, what money is really used for. Not for the play! It is their first lesson.
When they grow up and can count, you may give them some cash to buy candies, milk, bread, etc. It is a good lesson of money spending. Explain them the value of money, how to save it and spend wisely, and keep records of money spent or saved. Then you can compare these figures with your kids. It is very interesting to see results.
You can invent your own method of education or use a well-known one. But be sure, your efforts will be not lost upon your children.

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