Sunday, May 27, 2007

Stop the Clock on Muscle Aging

All of you know for sure that any kind of training and exercises can make you stronger and healthier. It relates both to older and younger adults.
As I have read in one CNN news, the strength training seems like stopping a clock on muscle aging, because it affects muscles of older adults on the level of gene expression.
Researchers had made the interesting study involved 25 men and women older than 65, and adults ages 20 to 35. These two groups had similar diet and habits.
Analyzers had tested small samples of muscle tissue of healthy young and old adults and found that they are significantly different in their gene expression. Older muscle tissue had diminished functioning in mitochondria.
The gene expression profile in older adult muscles showed a more youthful appearance after 6 months strength training. It is amazing.
I believe many older people will begin strength training after this research to be stronger and healthier. Facts that were proved can always be more helpful than only thoughts.
Researchers need more studies to see effects of walking, swimming, etc. But I believe the results will be good in any way. Because any activity has positives. And if you are not active yet, summer time is the right time to start. The stimulus- healthy and beautiful body without any expenses. Beach and parks are at your disposal.

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