Monday, May 14, 2007

Use the Opportunity to Get your Credit Report for FREE

It’s really good opportunity!
You can apply for your credit report at each of the three major agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax at the same time or get 3-Bureau Credit Report, that combines all three of your national credit scores into one easy-to-read credit report and includes a free plus credit score.

A free credit report contains a complete data of your credit history up to the present. It holds your credit score which shows what kind of credit risk you are. A good credit score saves you money because you receive lower interest rates and can select among better credit cards. Is it important to check a report? Surely, it is.

When you make an application for a free credit report you will start your free trial membership. It includes daily monitoring of your credit report and email alerts of changes for 7 days to notify you of information that may indicate deceitful activity. After your trial, your full membership will also include unlimited credit reports, giving you the necessary information to understand where your credit stands.

If you are impatient to look at your credit report to find out last recordings made there, your free credit report is all that you need! Apply online! It is very easy, quick and safe. There is one website that has been set up by the three nationwide consumer reporting agencies. Visit this site and order your free annual report. When you confirm your identity, you will receive your free report and score in seconds through online channels. Look through it very attentively, check for errors and verify your personal information is correct. Now you have a great opportunity to check it for free annually. Checking a report is also considered a good way to prevent you against identity theft and fraud.

Even if you decide not to get your free credit report and credit score with free trial, it’s still a good idea to order your current credit report to check it and be confident that everything is OK. I do it regularly and advise you the same.

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