Thursday, May 17, 2007

Marriages among College Students are on the Rise

Statistics shows that family divorce is on the rise. It is sad. The more interesting figures relate to college students: over 14 % of students get married while in college.

”We live in the world where half the marriages end in divorce, people aren’t just marrying for the moment anymore,” said Steve Mintz, co-chair of the Council on Contemporary Families and University of Houston sociology professor. “They’re trying to determine how it will sustain. Whether you’re likely to grow together has grown more important.”

Many years ago studies showed that ambitious adults were less likely to get married at all because of being sidetracked by their aims outside of family life.

Present studies show other results: men and women without college education are marrying at a lower rate than those college-educated women and men.

For the past 20 years this vogue has been achieving momentum and perhaps, can be ascribed to a change in the qualities potential mates. This thing relates mostly to men who did not take care about the education degree of their spouses many years ago.

I believe today, many college-educated marry each other because they have more in common. And this is right. My college time differs from present one. We did not merry so often (there were only few examples). Times have matched on and we met together. Those who were still alone have found their spouses among mates. So nice to see!

But some college students prefer to choose spouses through the help of matchmaking agencies. These students are eager to find partners with high salaries.

Today western lifestyle influences more and more students therefore they want to have wealthy partners in order to enjoy good quality of life. True love is of less importance.

A polling made among students of 12 universities and colleges shows that over 30% of respondents think dating while educating at college may influence their studies, but 53% of them will go dating with an appropriate better half.

How, where and when to choose a spouse is your own choice. Just do it with love! True love is always of great importance.

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