Monday, May 21, 2007

Save your Money with Airlines Credit Cards

Do you travel a lot and use frequent flier credit cards to earn bonus miles? No? They can be really good.
If you do not know what frequent flier credit card program to choose, ask yourself: will you get benefits from the leading airline companies in your region and which one will earn the ticket with the fewest strings tacked on.
You have two variants to select from: bank-sponsored credit cards and airline-sponsored credit cards.
Bank-sponsored credit cards allow you to earn miles on many airlines and get a discounted or free airline ticket. If there is no an outstanding airline in your region, this credit card can be the best for you. Sometimes such credit cards require lower minimum mileage for travel than airline-sponsored cards. Airline-sponsored credit cards allow you to focus only on one airline. If there is a hub of the airline in your city, it may assume the routes to implicit destinations.
If you are a frequent flier and use airlines credit cards, you can earn 2,500 bonus miles for adding an additional card member, get over 15,000 bonus miles with your first purchase or 1 Flight Point for every mile on any airline — or anyone else whose ticket you buy with the card and so on.
For me, it does not matter whether it’s an airline or bank offer when I sort through credit cards that earn air miles. Good credit card deal is good in any way.

P.S. Now it’s the beginning of vacations. Many credit companies offer special summer programs and discounts. I know that British Airways has discounted one-way tickets for those who fly first class. Harry up to save some money!

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