Friday, September 28, 2007

Autumn...and Nothing Else

I can not express my emotions that relate to this season. Autumn…how I like it! These falling autumn leaves of defferent colors make me thoughtful and dreamy. Autumn is the time to stop after the “hurry” summer. But the only sad thing is that cold is coming. And we should be ready. No doubt I will be missing summer in cold winter days but now…I am so satisfied with my mood that nothing upsets me.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Dream to Fly

My husband’s new hobby is about airplanes and everything that relates to them. His dream is to buy his own small family airplane and be a pilot (now he is an oilman). I began to understand his love and dream when once looked at some beautiful pictures at It is really impressive and beautiful. Why I am afraid to fly?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oh Oh Phobia

Watching any kind of TV programs about people who have different phobias, I thought how difficult their life should be and why there were not good measures to cure phobias. Recently I have discovered that I also have phobia (supposedly claustrophobia). It happened at the cosmetologist’s office when she put a polyethylene film on the cosmetic mask on my face. It was awful and hard to confess. Fortunately, this phobia is not the worst and happends not very often. But still, this fact makes me upsetting and alerted. I have already bought special literature about phobias and only began to read. I hope that it will help me to wrestle with myself and overcome my new problem.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why Online...

Many questions occur. Why is it more convenient to apply for credit card online? How safe is it? Etc, etc, etc. I believe the reasonable answer is quickness and easiness. Everything that you should do-switch your PC and find the right site with convenient charts for credit card comparison. If you know for sure what your credit score is, it will be not difficult to choose the suitable credit card deals section and card itself. Weigh pros and cons of each offer!
It is really safe because all required personal data you send goes directly to the credit card company you have chosen through safe & secure (SSL) channels. I think it is also a good way to save time.