Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Protect from Identity Theft!

Identity theft is on the rise, it’s not a secret. It is a very serious problem nowadays. Anybody can steal your personal data and use it for his purposes. After the fact of theft thieves can use your Social Security Number, debit or credit card and other of your personal data.
You should protect yourself from identity theft doing everything in your power. Here are a few simple rules you can follow. Do not put your Social Security Number on anything if you are not asked for it! For example, if you put SSN on personal check, someone will get your SSN, address and number of your phone as well. Do you need it?
Buy a shredder to get rid of unused personal data!
Credit card companies and banks are warning about the danger of identity theft. So applying to any credit company or bank, ask what they offer to protect your personal information. Follow these guidelines to be secured:
1. Turn to credit bureaus in order to check your credit report and credit score every couple of month. You will be taking a caution against someone stealing your data. Catch identity theft quickly to be a success!
2. Invent stubborn passwords! First or last names as a password are incredibly easy to break for online thieves!
3. Credit card companies have your name on a mailing list and your name will stay on this list until you ask to get it off. Do it!
If you find out that someone has had your identity, report it as soon as possible! The longer you wait the worse the situation will be. Following these simple rules you can be more confident and sleep well because you do everything that is in your power. All the rest is not your concern.

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