Monday, October 8, 2007

Food...and Only It

We are so dependable on food. All our life and our mood as well depend on it. If we don’t eat, we suffer from hunger and have stomachache, and our head are not able to think. When we eat the food that is not suitable for us (but we like it, what to do), we still have problems with our health and are not able to think about anything else. Also we like to count calories (I do), but when we count them and realize that they are huge, we go to pieces. Food is not only a pleasure. It’s a sad fact! Specialists advise to eat wisely and only the food that is good for our health. They are right, no doubt. But in real life it is almost impossible. We can follow their tips but for a short while. Who doesn’t like to eat almost everything that he or she wishes? Well, that’s the reality!

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WendyS said...

Hi Elisa. The better way to eat the healthier food - be a vegeterian. Think about it!