Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Divorce and Its Consequences

Divorce…There are many reasons for it: misunderstandings, hard drinking, unfaithfulness and so forth. Whichever reason could be, if there is a child in the family, he or she will suffer the most. I’ve heard many stories about children after divorce until I saw it actually. When the friend of mine decided to divorce because of misunderstandings she thought about her child and tried to get on with her husband. However, after two years of attempts they had divorced. Fortunately, now they are friends and don’t suffer from suspended relations but their child does. She doesn’t fully understand the deed of her parents and asks many reasonable questions trying to clear up the situation. Poor kids...Why do they always suffer from our mistakes?


Karen said...

It is difficult to judge two people whose relations are getting worse. The reasons for divorce may be different and may be in some cases it is better than to make your child live in tense atmosphere.

Opra said...

Of course, there are situations when divorce is inevitable:( But people should do their best not to hurt their children.

susankellogg said...

I think, your friend's kid will understand everything some day. And I agree with Karen, divorce is better than tension, quarrels and hate in the family.